Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hit Girl = IT GIRL

Ok, i know I'm a year late but i finally got round to watching Kick -Ass this week. I have found a new love for writer Jane Goldman after watching the beautiful Stardust, so i am making an effort to catch up with all of her work. Kick-ass is ultimate love letter to the superhero genre, which focuses on real people with no special powers, instead they are armed by an emotionally driven motivation to kick some ass. 
If you can imagine what director John Hughes may do with a manga script, you will start to get what kick-ass is all about.

The star of the film with no doubt is, Chloe Moretez who plays Mindy Macreedy/ Hit Girl; an 11 year old girl who has been trained as a killing machine by her farther, to seek revenge on her mothers killer.
The character and the actress made the film all the worth while, not only because she really is the only one in the movie that seriously kicks some ass and calls people c***s whilst being completely adorable, but the inspiration she gives to me; the movie fan, and here follows why: 

Moretez and Tarrantino = Kill Kill Vol.3? I couldn’t help but think how perfect Chloe Moretez would be for the part of The Brides daughter, in the third installment of the Kill Bill series. Chloe is 14 now and by the time Kill Bill Vol.3 is filmed she will be around 18, making her the perfect age to fulfill the role to its highest potential; batte angel Lolita!
Fans of Kill Bill are already speculating that the Vol.3 will follow the story of Nikia, who is avenging the death of her mother (Vivica Fox's character from the first film-who The Bride killed in a kitchen showdown - you follow?). There are also unconfirmed rumors that the character of Elle Driver will take Nikia under her wing making her into a mean fighting machine, which will in turn help her finally get her own back on The Bride. Now, thinking of Uma Thurmans age (around 40 i think), I'm guessing she wont be fit enough to take on a teenage assassin alone, which is where little miss moretez will come in. So whilst Elle Driver and The Bride battle it out once again, lets also see Chloe and whoever will play Nikkia (I am thinking Willow 'whip your hair' Smith), simulating some heavy samurai kick ass action!.....if this is all a hopeful fantasy (I'm writing to Tarrantino soon), we can see Hit Girl do her thing again in Kick- Ass 2 next year.

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