Beach Haiku
Crowded Golden Sands
The Sun Bursts and the waves crash 
Two people connect
San Diego, 2006

A new century awaits - we begun on our journey, bound together, a life shared.
Moonshine and stardust above a world of sticky ground, colour, beauty and truth.
Fabulous ones swagger their feathers, they come to ride the rainbow of dreams with us - as one.
We line up and drop it. Shots up, in the air of hedonism. Don't go without me, I will follow.
Lost in a maze of tribal dance, we worship. Raised up and spinning, they compose and ignite.
Show them your teeth and shine your love my friend, your soul is alive - this match is meant to be, forever walking on a dream.

SW - London, 2011 - For G.

Japan in the autumn
Cool breeze before rain
neon, lights the pale moon sky
leaves change from green to red
Tokyo, 2006

Universal Exchange
No spoken words exchanged as the orange illuminates their souls; the worship begins.
The colour of love fills each one with hope. A kiss, a prayer, a tear, offered to the burning ball above.
The absolute power radiates; a touch, a glance and soft spoken word now shared.
His now fading solar makes way for her; its her time now.
She comes to share her glow with a billion twinkles from a dark space.
The tribe now dispersing with knowing smiles, they send their wishes and peace.

Kerela, 2011. Dedicated to my beautiful friend Maria K.

Dancing With Divinity
take a deep breath of life and connect from within . The energy flows and the process begins.
The vibrational call has been heard. Connect with your soul, divine presence awaits.
A parade begins and the angels sing.

Fire ignited, inner drum beats awakened, flow with the friendly flames.
Transcend to the land of consciousness and raging inferno.
Jump over the hill, down you go, where the moon shine glows.
The bold and majestic shine like the stars, the mothers arms are open, she has been waiting for you
Feel the wrap of her love, surrender to the cooling earth.
The coil now unravelled, there is no turning back. A Celebration of light has begun.
The wheels of life spinning in a vortex of colour, one by one they illuminate.
Bathe in a flow of energy, feel your divine protection.
Wave to your vessel and be with them for now. Be with the one.
Hand to hand, surrender and bow with gratitude.
With resonant appreciation, say goodbye for now.
You will be back with that place where your spirit runs free.
All is beautiful, now you see.

Kerela, 2011. Dedicated to Claire Missingham for her guidance and encouragement

Searching For Satya.
What is my line and what part am i playing?
Why are you all turning your backs on me? please give me what i need to go forward.
Masked faces in darkened rooms, laughing echos haunt the halls of no end.
You all tell me different things; i know in my heart what you speak is wrong, i will not judge you, do not judge me.
I am searching.
I can feel it slipping away, don't leave me.
I want to remain with it, my safety.
I know in my heart they are blinded, i must follow my path. 
The curtain is rising, my jury awaits.

SW London, 2011

Mini Maha-Devi
She lives in that sacred place
The pace in your heart
The place in your consciousness
The light she brings is a gift for you
It’s blinding, bursting with joy and love
She speaks of courage and conviction
Which you believe
Which you trust
They become you, they are you
She dances with divinity and invites you to join her
In that place, that world where you are forever luminous
She stands tall as a mountain, light as stardust
She shares with you the secrets from swarga and hands over the truth to share with the world

SW, London 2011 – For my Guru

Dark Angel
she walks a tree lined street-clutching her school books- her hair golden, absorbing the sunshine morning.
the home coming queen captivates all in her presence; the sadness in her eyes ignored.
darkness and mystery consume her, a diary of stolen pages where her secrets lie; she must now find a new hiding place for it.
the magician conjures, a meeting takes place; the man she now knows is coming to play.
she is walking with fire now, will she loose the fight?
the mystery of the woods is seeking her out, a grasp so tight.
with a last goodbye to the one she loves; she runs into the dark with a knowing fate. Tears are shed.
the angels show their grace to one, but her fate is sealed by the ring of evil.
wrapped in plastic, her body wet and a town in mourning.
beyond the sycamore trees she sits in a room filled with red, forever in our dreams.

SW London, 2011

A Wish Kiss
A wish enters through the window, a new world it seeks.
It enchants with a dance through the air, floating like a seahorse effortlessly on its quest.
The chosen one awaits a kiss from destiny
The caresses of its white fluffiness tickles - a playful flirt has begun.
Tumbling joyfully in the playground of dreams it must now make its decent - fate has sealed this deal.
Magic, power and hope unfolds in the palm of a hand - holding tight to the clutch of tomorrow.
Now weaker than before, it becomes wilted.
Blown away with a kiss filled with a secret, it travels back to an unknown place.

SW, London 2011

Mother, Mine
She calls to you as the sun goes down
She welcomes you with sparkles of two
She washes away your dirt, with a gentle smile
in a room of blue, laughter and love.
With a goodnight kiss, a light she leaves to keep you safe.
She send to you, her angles.
She takes you in her arms and never lets go.
You awake, years have passed.
Nothing has changed.

SW, London 2011

One Red, One Black
You held my hand drenched in blood - you promised never to let go.
I am now cursed - the full moon awaits.

Together forever i said to you - we will always be.
There is always the light - a cure awaits.

Its time to snap, they must suffer - life runs through my veins.
Stay away my sister, i will hurt you - not you, anyone but you.

I wont let you let you go, take my hand - together forever, blood shared.
Until your last breath i will lay - by my hand fate is decided.

SW - London, 2011 - Dedicated to the Fitzgerald Sisters

Do you feel it?
I want to laugh until my belly bursts.
I want to cry until ive run out of tears.
I want to feel the joy of love over and over and over again.
I want to feel the pain of love until my heart bleeds.

I want to feel it all.

SW, London 2011

Without you?
I chase dragons across magical poppy rich lands.

Ive walked through powdered snow, a grotto never ending.

I construct pipes of dreams and inhale clouds from heaven.

All without you.

SW, London 2011 - Dedicated to my beautiful cousin, Sally.

Magic Mat
Cruise through cosmic highways, a spectacle of dreams
Watch gods celebrate, dance dance dance

Travel through ancient words, tell a story.
Fly on that great eagle, soar soar soar.

Cloud covers, jump off the peak.
Enter a new world where you have just begun.

Wash away, tomorrow a new day.

SW, London 2011

I am in the face of the crowd that seeks you out.
Seductive and alluring, i am that captivating mist let loose.
You can see me in the ones you adore, oh how they masquerade.
You are bound to me, unless the cycle is broken.
Liberation awaits, its up to you.

SW, London 2011

Forever Friday
Much time has past, she must have not known.
Elegant and red she stands, awaiting her carriage.
Where does she go?
From another world, belonging to ours - grace has embraced it all.
Smile full of secrets, the clutch of her bejewelled hands.
She is lovely.

SW, London 2011
For the lady at the bus stop