Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Yoga Superhero Squad

I had to share this with y'all; as i really cant contain my excitement any longer at the prospect of finally being personified into my school boy fantasy: that's right, a superhero.

Earlier on today in the realms of the world wide web; a twitter conversation took place between three super-duper yoga teacher trainees (myself included). One complimentary tweet comment lead to another, and before you could say, 'downward dog'- our very own superhero yoga squad was born (trading cards, movie and possibly a TV series to follow).

The super trio are as follows:

AJ Lewin
Location: palm tree beach
Code Name: Vinyasa Warrior Princess
Special Move: Warrior 1 & 2 with added POW!
Special Powers: Flying in Warrior 3

Emmanuelle Lambert
Location: jupiter hollow
Code Name: Miss Mayurasana Marvel
Special Move: Peacock dazzler
Special Powers: Blinding chakra vortex

Stefan Warth
Location: realm beyond the sycamore trees
Code Name: Super Surya Stefji
Special Move: Sizzling Sun Salutation
Special Powers: Sun Beam Zephyr

The yoga superhero squad are available for: saving the world, bar mitzvah’s and weddings....oooo, and of course teaching vinyasa flow yoga (im serious about this one) - students welcome.

Watch this space for news on the yoga superhero squad and their adventures.


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  1. :D Love it Stef, yay! Stay tuned guys, you haven't seen anything yet!