Friday, 15 April 2011

Greenpeace fish-fight!

This week Greenpeace announced the fantastic news, that Morrisons announced a new policy on tinned tuna, committing to stop sourcing fish caught with destructive methods. This means that now all major UK supermarkets are moving to 100% sustainably sourced tuna in their own brand tins.

Morrisons is the last of the big supermarket stores to have the policy; Tesco, M&S, Sainsburys, TheCo-Op and Asda have all made commitments to stop dangerous fishing devices, which kill many endangered species including turtles, sharks and juvenile tuna.

John West, the leading brand in tinned tuna, is still the only major player in the UK Market not join the policy - Princes tuna have changed their policy, so it just leave John West!

To keep the pressure on those committing these unsafe fishing methods, Greenpeace is asking us to sign the petition, which will help ensure John West is in line with the rest of the UK Marketplace.

The independent has named this campaign one of the most successful of its kind - go Greenpeace!!

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