Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Blonde Compassion- A yoga comedy

Eight steps to Enlightenment - and a nervous breakdown

Ashtangi-Actress extraordinaire, Mahny Djahanguiri brings her satirical show to the Edinburgh free fringe festival this summer. Mahny is the writer and actress of this insightful comedy, inspired by years of a teaching yoga in Los Angeles and London.

The play follows the story of Shri-Shri, a yoga teacher from L.A who moves to Britain on a quest to transform her new, across -the- pond students into beautiful lotus flowers. The thing is, Shri-Shri hasn't really confronted her own demons and would rather be shopping than show her students the path to enlightenment and with a recession- hit London, students are hard to keep and her new health-club teaching job depends on it!
Her luck comes in the shape of a young spiritual poet she meets one day on the tube. Could he be the key to help her have everything she desires?...guru stardom, a full class of students.... and of course the latest Balenciaga handbag!

I was luckily enough to see the show when it toured in London a couple of years ago. Its extremely funny and very poignant. A must-see for all yoga teachers and students alike! Im delighted the show is still going strong and playing at many fringe theatres over the country.

The run is from the 13th to the 27 August in the Princes Mall Shopping Centre, near Waverley Station.

You can find out more about the show here: http://yogamahny.com, which has a link to the festival and facebook pages, where you go stay tuned for more show dates and news!

Blonde ambition or blonde compassion - what side are you on?

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