Saturday, 5 March 2011

Dancing With Divinity - A Poem

Take a deep breath of life and connect from within . The energy flows and the process begins.

The vibrational call has been heard. Connect with your soul, divine presence awaits.

A parade begins and the angels sing.

Fire ignited, inner drum beats awakened, flow with the friendly flames.

Transcend to the land of consciousness and raging inferno.

Jump over the hill, down you go, where the moon shine glows.

The bold and majestic shine like the stars, the mothers arms are open, she has been waiting for you

Feel the wrap of her love, surrender to the cooling earth.

The coil now unravelled, there is no turning back. A celebration of light has begun.

The wheels of life spinning in a vortex of colour, one by one they illuminate.

Bathe in a flow of energy, feel your divine protection.

Wave to your vessel and be with them for now. Be with the one.

Hand to hand, surrender and bow with gratitude.

With resonant appreciation, say goodbye for now.

You will be back with that place where your spirit runs free.

All is beautiful, now you see.

Stefan Warth
Dedicated to Claire Missingham for her guidance and encouragement

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  1. Stef: what can I say. Thank you for writing this. You are beautiful inside and out. So thoughtful and generous, thank you for choosing to be with us all. yours, Claire Missingham x